When the alpine roses bloom...

Whether by the hour, for a whole day or for several days, I'll take you on an unforgettable tour. I'll show you the Saanenland as you've probably never seen it before, whether during a challenging summit hike, a comfortable panoramic hike or a spectacular high-altitude hike. I'd love to offer you an individually tailored program. How about a panorama tour high above Gstaad followed by a picnic made from local specialties, a multi-day tour from one mountain cabin to another in an impressive rocky landscape, an ascent to a surrounding summit far off the beaten track with fantastic views or even an adventurous helicopter excursion to the glacier?

The highlights in summer season include the sunrise adventure for early risers to the Giferspitz and the sunset tour for late risers to the Horefluh. Animal watching tours are also very popular.

Ivo Paroni

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