*survival tour

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

«Sometimes even to live is an act of courage»

Seneca, roman Philosopher

Escape the stress of everyday life. Back to nature, where only basic needs count. Far away from noise and concrete discover your primal skills. Follow natural intuition. Explore the limits. Overcome fears. Ground yourself. And then return home with more self-confidence, mindfulness and joy of life.

Join me in a survival situation in which the satisfaction of your basic needs for water, food and protection comes into focus and experience an inspiring change of perspective. With various individually tailored survival tours, I offer you an intense and sustainable nature experience. Choose from countless technical topics such as

  • Find a suitable campsite
  • Build a weather protection or a shelter
  • Start a fire without technical aids
  • Natural treatment of drinking water
  • Identify and collect edible wild plants and mushrooms
  • Exploration and orientation
  • Natural first aid
and much more...

Ivo Paroni

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